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Wild Animals

My baby girl fell in love instantly with duplo when she saw (and grabbed) the bricks for the first time at the age of 7 months at her cousin‘ s place. We bought her first duplo sets 10887 and 10848 the next day.
I started to create a new item for her every day. I used bricks I found in these sets.
I created baby elephant, camel and dromedary. Later on I added mummy elephant.
Note, you don‘ t need more than 10 basic bricks to build a small animal. Even the largest elephant consists of 14 bricks only.
I hope you enjoy!
For all the parents out there: My fauchtet loved destroying my brick creations a long time before she was able to build connect two bricks on her own. I just removed all items smaller than a table tennis ball and enoyed myself together with her.