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LEGO Competition Chess Set


How do timers works?

New update! The inside moving mechanism in a internal rendering of the project!

Each timer has its motor controlled by lego automation app. A programmed sequence start and stop alternately timers by a touch on a smartphone screen.

Each motor move two linked mechanism of gears, gears reduce rotation near real minutes and seconds hand (Not with a Swiss clok, but...)

The seconds hand mechanism is 60 times slower than minutes one.

Please suggest to your friends my project!


Improved Knight Design!

I received a lot of useful advices about design. Thanks to all!

New features:

  1. Rounder body design in order to remove sharp cornered particulars;
  2. Muzzle is now more round as a real Horse one;
  3. I added Nostrils and Cheeks.

I hope you enjoy it! Damiano

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