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Whiplash Mark II


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Ivan Vanko's Whiplash Mark II is a sophisticated fusion of Hammer technology armor with a miniature arc reactor adapted from Howard Stark's and Anton Vanko's earlier designs. Modeled with many of Tony Stark's Iron Man capabilities in mind, the Whiplash armor granted the wearer a wide array of enhancements.

The enhancements included vastly magnified strength, a high degree of resistance to damage, and high-speed flight capability. The power output of the suit's on board arc reactor could be channeled into powering two arm-mounted plasma whips that is lethal to its enemies.

In the preparation for this project, there are many obstacles that I faced.

1) There is no official Lego Whiplash Minifigure. I really have no clue why as he is a fan favorite and this is the biggest reason why this project needs to be made.

2) The mask for Whiplash Mark II - There isn't any existing Lego piece that will look quite like it and I can't scratch build a new Lego piece as well due to the regulation.

3) It is a fan favorite, how do I create a project that will please both the "We want strictly original" and "We want creativity" camp? I came up with the solution that the majestic look of Whiplash Mark II and its main weapon must stay; at the same time adding in some of my personal touch - customised weapons which I think will make sense. I hope you like what u see.

4) The Plasma whips - I need to have realistic looking whips in blue color. What you see in the photos are 2 x Spider-Man web sling painted in clear blue.

The proposed set, if produced, will include a Whiplash Minifigure, the Whiplash Mark II armor and a display stand. The display stand will allow you to do all sorts of cool poses. Imagine having a Lego Whiplash Mark II to impress your friends!

Gathering 10,000 supporters within a year is a daunting task and I can't achieve it alone. Each and every vote counts. Please help me in this journey and share this project with your friends. Many thanks in advance.

If you like this project, please kindly support my other project War Machine Hulkbuster as well. Link is here.

I will post any changes to this project under the update section, so please come back often =)

I have come up with the design of this Lego Whiplash Mark II and the photos are taken by me. I do not endorse the usage of this design to be produced commercially by any third parties. Usage of the photos should seek my approval as well.

Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank some important people.

1) My family, especially my wife who is extremely supportive and believes in what I do. Without her support I wouldn't have created anything.

2) Mr Kenny Lim a.k.a Toymaker, who is instrumental in the final design of this project.

3) Friends from various Lego interest groups that I have made online. Their supports have been phenomenal.

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