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Elegant Dance Platform


Thank you for 200+ Supporters!!

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for 200+ supporters! It's been really amazing hearing all the feedback from you and sharing this project with people all over the world! 

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy with other things in life, but I'm always checking on the progress of this project and I've always been thinking on how to make the project stronger in design, smoother in mechanics, and more fun. 

Thank you so much and thank you for supporting and sharing! 


To Dance, or Not To Dance...

Thank you all once again for all your supports and shares! 

I'd like to share with you a little neat trick that came in mind. As you have seen before, the minifigures dance around in a circle and spin in place as a dance is. For this modification, I made the box rotate. You can focus on the minifigures in white and notice that they "don't orbit around the center". Essentially, the box dances. 

I will also clarify, these external mechanisms will not be included in the final project. Again, this was just for inspiration only. 


A Ninjago Variation!

Thank you!

First of all, Thank you all so much for 100+ supporters within the first few days! This gives us a full year to reach 10,000 and the checkpoints in between. All the feedback has been really positive, and I'm looking forward to pushing this project further! 

Also, I just happened to notice that the videos in my project should switch places according to the titles. Sorry about that. 

A Ninjago Variation...

Just to clarify, the core of this project and its final product will be the Elegant Dance Platform as you supported. The variation I would like to share with you is for inspiration only. 

One of my favorite themes is Ninjago, and using some of the main characters and villains that I happen to have in my collection, I was able to make a Ninjago variation of the "Elegant Dance" Platform. Well, it's more like a fighting platform, but it definitely shows the expansion to other themes while using the same spinning mechanics. 

This version features Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane in Season 1 outfits (since that's the only variation of the Ninjas I have), as well as a few antagonists. The mechanics of the Elegant Dance Platform is perfect for replicating the Spinjistu moves that the Ninjago theme showcases often. 

Stay tuned for updates and enjoy! 

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