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Pegasus Shuttle


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The Deep Space Pegasus Shuttle is a multipurpose single-manned spacecraft with the ability to fly and drive on surfaces. The Pegasus has Folding Wings which reveal a set of wheels, allowing it to Land and Drive across the surfaces of planets and asteroids.

The shuttle was based on a toy I used to have when I was a kid. I decided to recreate the shuttle in Lego form on Digital Designer with my own spin. This product is a fantastic toy for kids. The versatility of the folding wings and the size of the object (easily held in one's hands) increases the play-ability. In addition, its simple design provides only a basic structure, freeing up the imagination to set it into any Science Fiction adventure you can come up with.

Currently, the product would come with one lego minifigure; the pilot. I think the product as a whole would be better with at least a second minifig, such as an alien, a robot, a another astronaut. Another figure would allow for an antagonist, or an friend or ally for the main astronaut. Remembering what I played through as a kid, I do not underestimate the power of more than one character to play with. The design for the shuttle itself is fairly solid, though I'm a bit concerned about the wing assembly and how it is attached. It is a bit precarious. The chosen colors are only personal preference, I can definitely see the blue strips being replaced by red or green, though I do think it looks good with a white design.

What do you guys think? Loved to hear any suggestions or comments you may have.

Thanks for your support!

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