Product Idea

Mos Eisley City

Rendered Images and update


Hi All, I have been dormant for some time as I have disappeared juggling looking for work, amongst other things. I have learnt how to use POV ray and present two renders. As my skills develop with Photoshop and POV ray I can probably in time create custom decals for minifigs etc...

See below two rendered images using POV ray.


Check my instagram for sneak peeks, updates and other things im working on at beardedbrick. 

I will get back to your comments and supporting other projects in time. Stay tuned for more works coming soon.

And a big thank you to supporters of this project and more to come! :D


Happy Building!


Thank you Supporters!


Hello everyone!

Thank you all for your support in the 1st week of this Lego Ideas submission. For a first project I am overjoyed to have nearly 100 supporters and many positive comments regarding my work. 

Some updates will be coming in the following weeks. (Renders, more mini-figure information etc...)

Please support, follow and share if you can. I would greatly appreciate any feedback that can help this idea grow. 

Once again, thank you all!


Happy Building! 

Jason :)