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Mos Eisley City


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Welcome to Mos Eisley!

One of the larger settlements of Tatooine, and home to tens of thousands of inhabitants from across the galaxy. A place of thriving markets, casinos, hotels, cantinas and corporations, the city was originally established with commerce in mind.

In time this city became known as the "armpit of the galaxy" and a "wretched hive of scum and villainy". Notorious for its crime rate, shady characters and illegal activity, notably the smuggling of spice and illegal arms. The city struggled to keep up with crime, even with the establishment of an imperial garrison during the Galactic Civil War.

In this play set, hunt down two rebel alliance droids as storm troopers guard the spaceport entry, door knock residences and keep watch over the main street. Crack down on illegal Imperial weapons trading and smuggling in the area, and find those responsible. Can C3PO and R2-D2 hide in one of many alleyways or residences to escape detection? Beware as some bounty hunters are on patrol working with the empire!

This set is a must have to add to any Star Wars collection! With pre-released sets such as the Cantina being able to be added either end of the main street of the set. 

Re-enact scenes from your favorite Star Wars films involving Mos Eisley. Utilize pre-collected mini-figures, vehicles and add to the bustling crowd. 

Due to the size of Mos Eisley, I used certain elements from the city to combine them onto a single base plate. Included in the design is a main street, for pedestrian and small speeder access, a market situated on the street front selling scrap material, tools and furnishings for houses.

Space port frontage with holo screen panels for news and flight statuses, with a removable control room above to monitor traffic. Utilize the adjustable deep space radar and scanners to track spacecraft situated on the roof.

A fully stocked market with street frontage selling the planets favourite blue milk and plenty of produce to choose from.

A power generator and control room for city wide power, with a communications tower for all planet side communications.

A tower with an eatery at the base and elevator to two more floors holding supplies. 

Residential living quarters with 5 varying sized quarters and an accessible lookout tower all with operating doors, shades or windows. These all come furnished to various degrees.

The set comes with a variety of droids, and numerous mini-figure races from the Star Wars universe to create the diversity one would expect in such a place as Mos Eisley. With spaceport operators, bounty hunters, civilians, shop owners, smugglers and a squad of sand troopers with one shadow trooper to tackle secret assignments.

The set once complete is relatively easy to access from various points with removable roofs on the residential housing, shade panels which open up and doors which open to position and move objects and mini figures. The remainder of the set has either movable roof tops or removable floors such as the space port control room. The commercial tower comes apart at 3 areas for floor by floor segmentation to access each floor. (see pictures for details)

At 2165 pieces I would like to consider this a UCS size set. It would be great to see a UCS sized set to the likes of the Ewok village, or cloud city for Tatootine in terms of buildings for the Star Wars universe. This set could provide a great tie in for the pre-existing cantina, Jabbas palace, T-16 Sky Hopper and other Tatooine based sets.

A challenge was condensing the City of Mos Eisley onto a single base plate and the generally tan/terracotta coloured buildings. Utilizing various set photos and stills from the films along with some imagination bringing some contrast into the set through colour did prove somewhat difficult. Using highlights and textured bricks to create the sense of wear and tear on certain buildings aided in that challenge along with the breakup of tan in combination with some design features of each building. Assisting with the colour contrast was the bustling market and colour of various items for sale to bring some vibrancy into the set.

*Please note the accuracy of certain of certain mini-figures may not be accurate due to certain pieces not being available. Also, I wish the shades for the market place to be made of material however I could not achieve this through the Lego Digital Design tool.

I hope viewers enjoy this creation as much as I did making it. Please support the project if you can and provide any feedback which would be greatly appreciated, as this is my first creation using the Lego Digital Design tool and submission to Lego Ideas!

Happy Building! :)



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