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Monica and Rachel’s Apartment


Friends is no doubt my favourite television show of all time; so for Christmas a friend gave me a poster of the original blueprints used for apartments 19 and 20 495 Grove Street, New York, New York. These are the apartments at which Joey, Chandler, Monica and Rachel reside for most of the show. 

As soon as I saw the gift, I automatically thought of using the blueprint to help create both apartments with Lego. As it turned out, I also needed the assistance from Google Image and by and watching the show. 

In total this project took approximately 15 hours; that being said I’ve decided to take a break from Friends and complete the guys’ apartment in the next few months. 

Monica and Rachel’s apartment would be wonderful for advanced Lego builders. Not only do countless people love the show, it was also fun to create and build! It’s exciting to see all the blocks put together into detail to make this model so unmistakably familiar.

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