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Lego Star Wars Architecture Skyline


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Hello LEGO & STAR WARS Fans out there,

today I wanted to show you my LEGO STAR WARS SKYLINE Set which I created.

First of all, why did I created this?
• I talked already pretty often with people who said, that they would love a STAR WARS set which is small, but pretty enough to put onto their office-desk, dvd-shelf or similair.
• Also I often heard that people would love to see a tiny version of the Death Star, a pretty awesome set which is already made as a big version (twice). But nothing small to decorate your home with.

So I thought about it and came to the conclusion that this would perfectly fit into a architecture skylines theme. Both are very popular, especially among adults so I decided to merge ARCHITECTURE and STAR WARS together.

I picked some popular locations from STAR WARS to choose what "buildings" I wanted to use.
There we've got the little house from Tatooine, the palace from Naboo, the Death Star and the floating city from Bespin.

I also wanted the set to be as affordable as possible so I oriented on the Venice and Berlin Skyline Version which both have between 200 and 300 pieces and cost around 29.99€.

My Star Wars Skyline has 225 pieces and maybe could be even build a little bit more close together to save some pieces and maybe get sold for 24.99€. Or 29.99€ since I'm not sure about the license.

Thank you for your attention, if you want this set to be released I would appreciate it if you could support me on the Lego Ideas webside and share it on social media. Just hit the blue support button on the right (:

1) On one of the images there is a wrong colored beam under the death star, please ignore it (:

2) I didn't found anything similair in the depth of the internet so I think my idea should be quite unique and hopefully find alot of fans and supporters.

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