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Way of the Sword​


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This is my first lego ideas project and it is a two story modular traditional Japanese building. Its original design was based on an actual building located in Machiya Kamo River 7 Kyoto, Japan. I have been always fascinated by the Japanese arts and culture in whatever form that may take. (Please do check my second Japanese modular building submission Japanese Traditional Neighborhood !!!)

Description: Japanese Katana Shop and Dojo

The building comes apart just like most modular do. It consists of a ground floor, a first floor and the roof. It is made from 2708 Lego bricks and 7 minifigures.

The main entrance is located on the right of the building. A sign informs the visitor that this shop is called Kendo. I decided to make my own printed bricks in order to give a more personalized feel to my design.

As soon as one enters, on the left one can find the entrance to the store. The ground floor is where the katana swords and samurai armor shop is located. 
On the 1st floor through the stairs we enter into the dojo. Here the master and its students train on martial arts. The floor is a typical tatami a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms, decorated with a dragon the emblem of the dojo.

Finally the roofing is made to resemble the traditional grey roofing found throughout Japan.
Once again another sign informs the visitor that the name of the dojo is Bushido.

Japanese architecture is simultaneously so fascinating in its simplicity and complexity. Wooden structures allow buildings to stand resistant to earthquakes and time through interlocking jigsaws similar to Lego connecting mechanisms.

This would make a great Lego set as it combines both nostalgic aesthetics of another era as well as playability.

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