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Koenigsegg Dealership and Showroom


182 Supporters!

Thank you so much for getting this project to over 180 supporters! This is my second highest supported project! It really means a lot to me!


100 Supporters!

Thank you all so very much for getting this project to 100 supporters! This is my sixth project that has hit this milestone! Please keep supporting, shareing and following and brick on!


2 more supporters needed!

Only 2 more supporters are needed to reach the first milestone! Please support today! Thank you again and brick on!


Only 4 supporters away!

The Koenigsegg dealership is only 4 supports away from 100! Please support today to make it happen! Also, please remember to follow and share it as well! Thank you all so much and have a great day!


Almost to 100!

The Koenigsegg dealership is almost to 100 supporters! When it reaches the first milestone I will release a second build option useing the same pieces. Please continue to support, follow and share this project to make it happen! Thank you all very much and brick on!

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