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Koenigsegg Dealership and Showroom


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Welcome to the Lego Koenigsegg dealership!


I believe that this Swedish megacar brand has not gotten the attention that it deserves in the terms of a proper Lego set. Koenigsegg is one of the leading hyper car manufacturers in the world and it has also produced some of the most environmentally friendly supercars in the world. Koenigsegg cars hold the record of fastest top speed in a production car as well as the fastest 0-200, 0-300, and 0-200-0 times (in kilometers) in a production car. So I hope to put some of the spotlight on them and hopefully we will see them in stores soon!


My model includes three Koenigsegg. The orange and blue one's are the Koenigsegg CCXR, which is the most environmentally friendly model that they have produced to date. It was designed to be imported into the United States and follow all of our strict emission standards. The next model that I have replicated is the Koenigsegg one:1. It is called that because for every kilogram of weight it has 1 horsepower, which equals a whopping 1360 horsepower!


My dealership/showroom consists of a few sections. Sorry for some of the darker photos, Bluerender really captures shadows well! The main attraction is the three Koenigseggs in the center of the building. On the right (picture 3) we have a small office for signing paperwork and picking the color of your car. You can also choose the color of your seats! On the left (picture 5) there is a small sitting area with a water cooler and an engine to view as you wait for the next available salesperson.


My model consists of just under 1700 bricks, so it would be a feasible set idea. If you like my build, or Koenigsegg, or just cars and Legos in general than please make sure to click that support button! Also, please make sure to follow and share this project! Thank you all so much in advance and brick on! When this reaches 100 supporters I will release an alternate build using the same pieces that could be included in the instructions if the idea becomes a reality by reaching the 10k milestone!


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