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Container House

Today, it is increasingly important to build sustainable and environmentally friendly houses. The recycling of shipping containers is a more ecological way to build. That's why I chose this solution to design my project.

A modern architecture :
Containers give a modern look to the building, mostly with the part of the first floor above the void. Moreover, there is a vegetalised roof and it's equipped with solar panels.

Ground floor rooms:
  •    A kitchen with a sink, cooking plates and refrigerator.
  •    Living room with a sofa, coffee table, flat screen TV.
  •    A garden with a small tree, some flowers and a place to park a car.

First floor rooms:
  •    One bedroom with a bed, bedside tables and a desk
  •    A bathroom with a shower and a sink

Upgrades :
The house is a bit small, but we can imagine adding more containers to increase the space and have more rooms.

Technical :
Consisting of 850 pieces.
Colors could change for some of it.

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