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The Dark Knight Rises - Bane's Sewer Hideout

I loved the film the Dark Knight Rises, especially the fight scene in Bane's sewer lair. I would love a set depicting this scene, with lots of playability. So I made this set. At around 150 pieces it would be a $15-$20/£ set so it wouldnt break the bank. It has lots of details accurate to the film and also lots of fun features. It comes with 4 minifigures - Bane, Batman, Comissioner Gordon and one of Bane's henchmen

Supports- 1st day- 1st August ------- 5 supports
6th August ------ 10 supports

A panel of walling collapses when Batman is thrown into it. Recreate fun scenes with this feature

There is a secret compartment to store the money included in the set, and the henchman's chair can be broken and fall backwards, sending him tumbling into the water.

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