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Tiny House


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How much place do we need to live? This was the question which inspired me to build this tiny house.
My goal was to achieve an area as big as a van, include everything that two persons need to live and for sure a great design.
I decided to build the house on a scale of 1:32 so that one stud represents 0.25m. Additionally I wanted that the tiny house is eco-friendly and almost self-sufficient. Therefore, it is built out of wood, has a photovoltaics and solar thermal system, a tank for rainwater and plants on the walls.
It was also important for me, that the house is mobile so that you can live where you want. Because of that the tiny house is built on a trailer.
Inside of the house is a cozy interior with a little kitchen, a bench with a table, a bathroom and a bed above the bath. You can reach the bed with a little climbing wall.
To have a nice environment I added a green ground with some plants and a table with two chairs.
In reality the tiny house would be 7.5m long, 2.5m wide and 4.5m high.

Number of parts: 1387 

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