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LEGO Spinners (Working)


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Create your own Fidget Spinner or Spinning Top
Using LEGO Technic, I’ve created a set of 2 fidget spinners and 2 spinning tops. But what makes them different from other fidget spinners and spinning tops? The ability to customize/create your own style spinners. There are 9 pieces that make up the spindles, and they can be configured in as many ways as you can imagine.

The Spinners
Everybody’s hands are different sizes, and not all fidget spinners work with everybody. With the LEGO fidget spinner, you can modify the spindles to fit your needs, liking and hand size. 
The spinning top is not just a spinning top, it can also be a fidget spinner. By holding the shaft of the spinning top between your finger and thumb, you can spin the top in your hands. But just like every other spinning top, it will spin on a table.
These spinners are more than a 2 or 3 in one LEGO creation, they allow the users to put their own personal touch and imagination into the spinners. How many different types of spinners can you create is up to you. Use your imagination, focus your mind and relax.

I've discovered that I need to have something to fiddle with to manage my focus or nerves from time to time. I have always loved spinning tops, and through my own children, I discovered fidget spinners. I have also found that LEGO helps me relax and focus my mind. Creating LEGO spinning tops was born out of these needs and how much fun I got out of being able to customise them. This led me to see if I could do the same for fidget spinners, and here is what I’ve created. Enjoy.

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