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City Passenger Train MOC


Power Functions and its Future (just questions, theories, and stuff)

The LEGO Power Functions theme has been around for a long time. But in August, there are going to be some new LEGO train sets for the LEGO City line. One is called 60197 Passenger Train, and the other is called 60198 Cargo Train. Both of these train sets will use a new motorization system called POWERED UP. It looks like something that originates from the LEGO BOOST System.

My point is, will the BOOST System take over Power Functions? If you think about it, the LEGO 10261 Roller Coaster has suggestions in the instructions to use the BOOST System to power it. I only know this because I watched a video from BrickTsar.

The new BOOST system is not only able to be operated by a remote, but also by a tablet. It's basically like a cheaper version of the LEGO MINDSTORMS System. Do you think that MINDSTORMS will eventually be taken over by the BOOST System as well? That concludes this update full of questions about the future of Power Functions. Good day! Update by cheesy. 6/7/2018


Pictures from Brickworld 9-24-2017

I've told a couple people that I went to Brickworld on September 24th of 2017. It was a blast! I really liked seeing the amazing custom LEGO models created by talented people, as well as seeing old LEGO sets incorporated with city layouts. There are some pictures I took of the LEGO model in front of the showcase room area. It is a replica of the U.S.S. Missouri in LEGO Bricks. Awesome, right? You'll want to look closely at each image to spot the funny stuff the LEGO minifigures are doing. Enjoy, and have a good day! By cheesy. 6/1/2018



Original Passenger Car Design

When I was building the passenger car, I was originally going to use the same color scheme that is on the electric locomotive. But, I did not have enough of the blue 4x6 roof bricks to make the roof entirely blue. Therefore, I resorted to white. The logo on the passenger car was also not intended, but I needed to save some of the white bricks in order that my sister an I can complete our big LEGO house project. We haven't worked on that thing in weeks. The image of the original intent is below this description. Good day! Update by cheesy. 5/30/2018


The Actual Train

Like I said in the description, this project is something I physically built with LEGO Bricks from my LEGO collection. I did not submit this project with the images of the real thing is because they were too fuzzy and dark. Also, the grey baseplates might be a factor to the bluriness, as they tend to be a little bit dark. If I can, I would like to take pictures of this model against a white back-ground. For now, he are the original images for this project. Note that the last image was not going to be submitted here originally. Good day! Update by cheesy. 5/29/2018


Memorial Day 2018

Many men and women have laid down their lives for this country, and many still do. They do it to protect the people who live in this country, the ones who live in one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all. 5/28/2018

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