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City Passenger Train MOC


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Around Christmas time last year, I built a LEGO train track to go around the family Christmas Tree. To make the layout more interesting, I built the electric locomotive that is seen in the main image. The locomotive was inspired by the color scheme often used on the DF11 diesel locomotives in China. It was inspired partially by the shaping of the locomotive as well.

Towards the end of April this year, I wanted to build a passenger car to go with the electric locomotive. The locomotive seemed like it needed a passenger car to go with it the more I looked at it. And so, I did indeed build the passenger car, and now it is complete. I also built a little station with a crossing on the side to go with this little passenger train project.

This project is 743 pieces. There are two sections inside the electric locomotive: a cab section and an engine room. The cab section is simple; it just has a seat for the engineer, a control panel, and a mug. If you're wondering, yes, minifigures need to hydrate too, escpecially on the job. The engine room, on the other hand, isn't really an engine room. It is a housing unit for the fake Power Functions Triple-A Battery Box and IR Receiver. These can easily be swapped out for real Power Functions to run the locomotive on LEGO train track.

The interior of the passenger car, like the cab section on the locomotive, is also simple. There are three pairs of chairs, three tables, and three mugs. That's pretty much it. It's basically your every-day LEGO City train passenger car.

The station is very simple as well. It's composed of three seats, guard rails, a caution line, two lampposts, and stairs descending to the ground. There's also a crossing for passengers who are on the other side of the tracks. This crossing was inspired by railroad crossings throughout China.

Thank you so much for viewing and supporting this project! If you think something needs to be changed in this project, please let me know in the comments section above. Have a good day, everyone! By cheesy. 5/28/2018

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