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U.S.A. Mail truck.


Just two more! :D

Come on one! :D Just two more supporters and we will have 150! :D :D :D

Remember, be sure to share this on any site that you can think of to help the supporters go up! :D :)


Presents from Grandma.

Now who doesn't love those great presents from grandma? I thought that on Christmas,  when you get this set, it will have some presents in it. :) For the season, you know? :P :) ( You can tell that three of them are from grandma's, they have cursive hand writing. XP )

Oh no! One of the packages got ruined! ( A little drama to the set. XP XP ) :)


Please share!

Every one who has supported this project, please share! the more this is shared, ( Any ware. ) the sooner that this can get 10,000 vote's! :D :D :) So every one, please share! :D :D


100 supporters! :D

Thank you every one for your support! :D I am very grateful for all of your support. :D In order for this to become a set, please share on any network. :) Again, thank you for your support. :) 


Mailwoman minifigure!

Another thing that this could come with could be a Mailwoman minifigure! :D I also thought that it would be cool if it had a new hair piece that has the hair in it, kind of like emmet's hard hat. :) ( Sorry about the editing, it's the best I could do. :) )

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