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U.S.A. Mail truck.


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Here is the U.S.A. mail truck. This vehicle has a back trunk for loading and taking out packages, and also has a mailman minifigure. This mail truck will be a perfect vehicle for your LEGO city. :)

Pic one is the Mail truck. This set will ( Of course. ) come with a mail delivery minifigure.

Pic two is the right side view of the vehicle.

Pic three is the left side view of the vehicle.

Pic four is the front of the vehicle.

Pic five is the back of the vehicle.

Pic six is the top of the vehicle. If/when this becomes a set, it would be really great if it were one or two big flat pieces. :)

Pic seven Is the inside view. Here you can see the packages, the mail, and the drivers seat.


I hope you enjoyed this. If you have any questions please be sure to ask. :)

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