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Galion Deluxe Grader


With out a grader, you couldn’t build or maintain a road. Here is a 1972 model Galion 503 Series A Grader designed for flattening surfaces, digging drainage ditches and building roads before rock or pavement is put down. This minifig-scale model sports a covered roof for extra cabin protection from a rollover or from swinging branches or debris. This MOC has three axles. The front axle has a movable axle to steer the vehicle. The center blade that performs the grading moves in 3 ways: horizontal, rotational, and pivotal. The iconic part of any grader’s blade is the “turn table.” Notice this MOC’s gray-colored turn table. The two minifigs in this model each have a walkie talkie for communication. When it’s too noisy, they use hand signals to communicate. This tractor has been customized by adding a toolbox on the front. You never know when you need tools while you’re working out in the middle of nowhere!

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