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Dumpster Delivery Truck


Minor Mechanism and Bin Alterations

Today I had to make some minor updates to the mount for the upright shaft in the mechanism. A single stud girth was not enough to compensate for the up and downward forces exerted on the 1x2 technic brick used to hold the shaft and knob in place. So I doubled it up with dual brackets and 2x2 plates and slope brick holding them together for reinforcement as well as a 1x2 tile tail light to cap things off.

Additionally, I added 2 2x3 plates to the bottom of the bins. This makes them come in contact with the ground when the truck tilts back to release them and aids in the interlocking function of the bins.

I am currently ordering parts for a prototype and in a couple weeks should have a video up for everyone showing complete operation of the set. I think you will all like how the set works and I hope you will find it even more reason to give support. Thank you all for your kind words in the comments and to all those who have already supported! We are 1/4 the way to 100 in 2 days! Thank you all so much!

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