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1969 Chevrolet C10

This is my large scale model of a 1969 Chevy C10 Stepside pickup truck. This is my personal favorite body style and year of Chevy trucks. I chose to do a Stepside because they were the base model/entry level trucks at the time. In many ways, they were the precursor to modern compact or midsize trucks. The C10 is the half ton model, with C20 and C30 models being available as 3/4 and one ton versions. Many of these trucks were still used as farm trucks or as work vehicles, but luxury trim versions were started in this generation for those who wanted more than a basic truck. However, I chose to build a Stepside for the sake of simplicity of the model. 

The model features decals on the grille and tailgate along with license plates on both bumpers. Below is a pic of the rear view of this truck. One thing I'd like to see if this truck gets made into a set would be better decals on the front and rear. I made them using Microsoft Word and then Microsoft Paint, so they're not the greatest in the world. I'd also like to see more license plate options. I made these plates using an online generator, so options were limited to what was available on the website.

The truck also has a very detailed interior as seen below. I used the brick elements and then turned them backwards to create the paneling on the doors, which is one of my personal favorite features of the truck. The seat is a straightforward bench seat that would've been used on all of the base models of this truck. The shifter on this truck is based on that of the 3 speed + "Granny Gear" transmission. I used this style of transmission because of the practicality of these transmissions when pulling a load. 1st gear, or "Granny Gear" is a very low gear and is used to provide more torque to rear wheels at low speeds. In normal driving situations, the driver would start from 2nd gear. The door panels also include the door pulls and window cranks as part of the details.

 Below you will find a picture of the bed of the truck. On the Stepside trucks of this generation, the bed floor was still made out of wood. In the years immediately following World War II, American truck manufacturers switched to wooden bed floors because of continuing steel shortages. Chevrolet continued to use wood on their Stepside beds until the 1970's. This detail was made easier by the fact that Lego already has a brick with a decal that's modeled after a piece of wood.

Below is a picture of the engine bay in this truck. The base engine in the C10 was a straight 6, but like almost all American vehicles of this era, a V8 option was available. This engine bay is modeled after the 350 CID engine (or 5.7 L for those who use the metric system), which was new for 1969. This engine would have produced 255 horsepower.

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