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The Account Bank


  Hello everyone! I'm out with my first creation, a bank! The main component in my model is the working ATM. The ATM is very compact and fits well into the interior of the building. The ATM works by pushing a 'credit card' onto the available slot, pushing it into the building, and the rubber band will push it out again. Connected to the credit card slot is a smaller piece that when the 'credit card' is pushed in, the smaller slot goes behind where the money is stacked, and two bills come out with the credit card. The top of the small safe makes an extension for the credit card slot. The worker sits in his chair near the counter, which opens so he can go out. Other features are the small security camera made from a black tap piece and a clear stud as a lens. The last feature is the water dispenser with a full water jug on top.

  I believe that this would make a good LEGO set because there are not very many banks, and many of them are expensive. This set would make a simple and affordable bank for children or adults. The components in this set provoke ideas for others to build. I hope you enjoy!

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