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Community Pool


Make summer last forever with this model of a community pool!

Made up of more than 1500 pieces, this set is recreation of a small, summer-time pool. Some of the features include two lap swimming lanes, a basketball hoop, snack-bar, sun bathing area, lockers, bathrooms and lifegaurd stand. The pool area is made up of various transparent pieces and the lap lanes feature a mount for placing figures in the swimming position. Behind the lifeguard stand is a life perserver and two full bathrooms along with lockers for placing for small items.

There is a staircase for easy entrance, four sunbather chairs and umbrella. The bathrooms feature a stall, sink and showers. The small snack bar has room for many drinks and frozen treats. A basketball hoop is placed poolside for a fun activity while swimming. 

Around the foundation of the pool is a varitey of small foliage and grass areas. At the side of the lap swimming area is two small diving blocks and benches. There is a small diving board for cannon-balls.

Please support this project and leave a comment. I will try to update this project from time to time and look forward to your support. Thanks! -J.K. 


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