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JMC Mining Ship Red Dwarf


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“This is an S.O.S distress call from the mining ship Red Dwarf. The crew are dead, killed by a radiation leak.

The only survivors are Dave Lister, who was in suspended-animation during the disaster, and his pregnant cat who was safely sealed in the hold. Revived 3 million years later, Lister's only companions are, a life form who evolved from his cat and Arnold Rimmer, a hologram simulation of one of the dead crew.

I am Holly, the ships computer with an IQ of 6,000 - the same IQ of 6,000 P.E. teachers.”


I present my Lego ideas project based on the Red Dwarf TV series.

This set comprises of, the Jupiter Mining Corporation Ship – Red Dwarf (approx. 754 bricks), 4 minifigures, Holly the ships A.I. and 2 Scutters.

Red Dwarf is an iconic British comedy, which began in 1988 and continues today (Thanks Dave), this set will appeal to old and new fans, both young and old, hopefully I have done the series proud and we will finally see a Lego Red Dwarf set.

The Ship

Red Dwarf features two playable compartments, the first is main control room, on the top deck, here is where Red Dwarfs A.I. can be found on the main view screen.

The second is the dorm,  this is where Lister can normally be found, usually sleeping on his bunk.

Holly can either be placed as a sticker (easiest option), or printed onto a 1x4x2 brick, that I will leave for Lego to decide if my project is chosen.

A special printed tile will be needed for the iconic ship name plate.

I have designed Red Dwarf based on the original ship so the 4 minifigures designs can be from either series 3, 4 or 5 (Kryten only became a regular in series 3)

To Lego I will prove you with the LDD file used to create this project

The Crew

  • Dave Lister – Lister was a third-class technician (the lowest ranking crewman) on the mining ship Red Dwarf spending his time performing tasks under the hated supervision of Arnold Rimmer. Lister is lazy, slobbish, and unmotivated, but he frequently shows moral courage. He deeply enjoys Indian food, especially chicken vindaloo.
  • Arnold J Rimmer – Rimmer is a hologram of Lister’s bunk mate. Rimmers incompetence lead to the death of the entire crew, as Holly can only sustain one hologram, he choose Rimmer purely because his annoying behaviour would help to keep Lister from going mad, plus he thought it would be a laugh.
  • The Cat – Cat evolved from Listers pet cat, he is vain and aloof, and loves to dress in extravagant clothing. He is simply referred to as "The Cat" in lieu of a real name. His dream is to own a closet so big, it crosses time zones.
  • Kryten - The mechanoid Kryten (full name Kryten 2X4B-523P... but he hates the "jerky" middle name) was discovered by the crew aboard the crashed vessel Nova 5, where he had been dutifully tending to its three female crew members... despite the small matter of their having been dead for centuries.
  • Holly - Red Dwarf's onboard computer, with an operating IQ of 6,000 (the same as 6,000 P.E. teachers), Holly acted quickly when the radiation leak killed the crew, immediately steering the ship safely out of the solar system and continuing to do so until the radiation levels had died down. Unfortunately, the attendant three million years of solitude had a bizarre effect on Holly, and by the time of Lister's re-emergence he had begun to show signs of computer senility.


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