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JMC Mining Ship Red Dwarf




My apologies for the wait, but I can finally present the photos of my Idea.

As you may have noticed, I have had to make a few changes as, building my design for real was alittle harder than on Lego Digital Design studio, some things worked on the software but not in real life.

One of the things I've changed is the Drive room on the top deck has been brought forward, as it was just too dark and proved fiddly to get the minifigures in and out of the seat. I have also change all of the hinges as the ones I used originally just didn't have as much free movement, and caused a lot of stress to be placed on the ship.

I hope you enjoy the photos, let me know in the comments what you think!.

Also please help spread the word, lets get this made! :)


Minifigure designs

I have added possible designs for the minifigures.