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Grundohr's Utility Ship


Grundohr's Utility Ship  is a multi-purpose spaceship capable of fulfilling various support missions including heavy container hauls, concealed cargo runs, bombing runs and long range recognisance.

Grundohr's Utility Ship features;

  • 2 defensive laser cannons
  • Two 12 bomb detachable racks
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Open/Close cockpit
  • A hidden cargo compartment
  • Magnetic cargo point
  • Adjustable spotlight and camera for cockpit operation
  • Powerful engine with hover capability

This set comes with landing baseplate, cockpit ladder, refueling hose, diagnostic computer with technician, bomb rack trolly, cargo container and guidance paddles. The 3 mini figures include the pilot; Grundohr and 2 ground crew.



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