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The Settlers 4 - Wood Production (Romans)


Franky the Forester

He is the guy who safes the planet


New Pictures

A new main picture and many other new pictures are added.


Lennard the Lumberjack

Hi, my name is Lennard and I am the Lumberjack. I love axes, saws and falling trees.


Real modular system in work

Until now, the model was only partially modular. I'd like to try to change it so that you can combine the houses and put them together as you like.


500 behind us and still a long way to go

Thank you for 500 votes in such a short time. The way to the 1000 will be a heavier one. I'm grateful to you when you share the project with your friends or on social media to help the settlers get the ten thousand.


New Pics of the Buildings

I have updated the pics of the buildings with their workers


New photo!

A new main photo is on the way... but I don't know which one is better. Please comment.


New main photo

Photos of the project will be updated soon!


All the trees(stumps) on one plate

For all of you who want to see all three trees at once, I've added a photo here.
The lumberjack and a rabbit are also there.


We made the 💯!

We have made the first step.
100 supporters in about one day.
You are great!
The next big step will be to find the 1,000 supporters.
Thank you for sharing this project.
In the next few days you can expect a few pictures of the early beginnings of this project and conversations with my critical wife.

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