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Display & Play Travelling Circus


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Display & Play Travelling Circus

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Roll up, roll up! Come and see the Travelling Circus touring the country. The tickets are selling out fast. Get your candy floss from the stall, then take your seat and let the show begin…

About my build:

This is the first model in the ‘Display & Play’ series I am creating, and also my first attempt at LEGO lettering. It is a unique build featuring a Travelling Circus. The train pulling the Circus was inspired by a model steam train built by my great uncle. All the carriages fold out with a clever mechanism so you can either ‘Display’ or ‘Play’. It also includes 11 minifigures: 4 excited tourists and their dog, together with 7 circus folk – the magnificent master showman, the awesome lion tamer with his ‘big kitty’, the cool candy floss seller, the crazy clown, the daring minifigure cannonball, the talented tightrope walker and the trusty train driver. 

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