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The Hobbit - Battle with Sauron at Dol Guldur


New Sauron in model

I have included a picture of the new design of Sauron ( by BBC1Wholock1_9581) in the lego set. I updated Saruman and the wringwraith's faces. I made Sauron a metallic colour to match his menacing armour in the films. I hope everyone likes the changes!

ps. Look out for more Lord of the Rings ideas soon. 


New design for Sauron

Before I say anything else thanks to  BBC1Wholock1_9581 for letting me use his design for Sauron. His original design is here:

This is a really cool design for Souron and it makes the set look a lot better. I came up with a new design for his mace myself. It's made with bat blades. Sauron would also come with a cloak.

Hope everyone likes it! 

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I have added 1 Nazgul to the set.



I have added Saruman  the White to the set to make the set a bit more interesting. If more people ask, I will also add some Nazgul, but I dont want to overcrowd the set. This would also be a cheaper way to get Saruman. 

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