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Cornerside Bakery and Apartment


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This is a cornerside bakery, inspired by sights seen in cities like New York, Trenton, and Camden. It features a kitchen with 2 ovens, a display for confections, shelves with bread, and other shelves with boxes of coffee. There also is a display table with loads of cupcakes as well. On the second floor (apartment), it features a small living room with a TV, coffee table, and couch. Another room has a bed, bedside table, lamp, and dresser. Both of these rooms feature a window with a planter box.

The back of the build can be opened up via the tabs found on the back of each floor. If you keep it closed up, you can fold down a ladder leading to the roof.

I built it since I really wanted to create more intricate structures found in sets like CREATOR Expert. I've always been a fan of how they've looked, so I took on that idea with this set. I also feel it would compliment those sets as well, adding on to a possibly big "city" structure.

It would make a great LEGO set for those who also love the CREATOR Expert series of sets, and/or casual City styled sets.

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