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Venetian Canals


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Venetian Canals
Welcome to my project "Venetian canals". This model is a cutout of a Venetian street corner  where two canals are crossing. The model is complete with a marketplace, an apartment building, a restaurant and a building with a tailor, a post office and a boathouse in the cellar/first floor. In the canal you will find a gondola passing along the scenery. The minifigures in this model is in all white because I'm terrible with finding food figures for any model I make. It will forever be my achilles heel.

The marketplace is complete with two stalls, a farmers stand and a butchers stand. There is also a florist selling flower from a smalldisplay next to the stalls.

Left Building
The left building have a restaurant/bar at the first floor, complete with an outdoor area for people to eat and drink next to the canals. The second floor have an apartment with a kitchen living room and a bathroom.

Middle Building
The middle building have a kitchen at the first floor, a bedroom at the second floor and a living room at the third floor. The living room (my pride in this) is made in an art deco style with a vintage tv, a stylish sofa and a decanter area for the finest malts. 

Right Building
The first floor is a small boathouse, the second floor is a small post office (my second pride) and the third floor is a tailor shop. 

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