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The Lightning Temple

This is a concept that I managed to create on my own and it is called 'The Lightning temple'. This concept represents a temple in the Ninjago universe based on the lightning elemental power itself. The temple based on one of the four elements of creation keeps many secrets about new elemental abilities involving Jay's powers which wait to be revealed. This temple is also based on the origins of the elemental power of lightning and its true nature. With the set build comes five minifigures (Jay, Nya, Lloyd, Temple master and Temple monk).
I chose to build 'The Lightning temple' because I am very keen on the 'Ninjago' theme for years and it was my main inspiration for this project. This project was also inspired by many previous temple builds from the "Lego Ninjago" theme. I chose this concept to be a Jay-based set because he is my favorite ninja and his elemental power is very cool.
In my view this concept has the potential to become a great Lego set not only judging by the looks of it and the number of pieces, but also the interesting play features. I personally think that this set idea is quite intriguing and deserves to be on the store shelves next to the other sets. That's why I am really hoping to make this project of myself a real thing.

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