Product Idea

The Batcave

The Joker has broken into the Batcave!  Change Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake into Batman and Robin in the changing station.  Go after him in the Bat-monster truck.  Disarm the Joker using something from the weapons room.  And lock him up in the opening prison.

I have a real passion for DC superheroes.  Especially Batman.  I have been building Batman for years.  I think that this is my greatest achievement yet!

This model includes a Bat-monster truck with a turning mechanic's platform, a changing room with a batsuit slide, a weapon room, and the batcomputer.  All of this is in a bat shape.  This model also includes nine minifigures including: Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, Batman, Robin, the Joker, a ninja batsuit, an explorer batsuit, a sports batsuit, and a military batsuit.  It also includes a mechanic bat-robot.