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Lego Mini Golf!


An Update... With 3 NEW ADDITIONS!?!?

I have added two new additions to the mini golf course! These two new items I am adding have been added upon request.

The two new things I have added are...

A "zig-zag" stretch

2 adapters. This is so you can go from 4 studs wide to six studs wide. This adapts to the zig-zag section.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this project!

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- MagicLegoCarrot

*NOTE* Not all requests will be accepted.


INTRODUCING... The Windmill!

So some people have asked me to add a windmill to the course. So I came to a decision, and I finally figured out something that would work with the rest of the build. Here it is! The windmill, with working mechanism, that you can turn around while you take your shot and see if you can complete the shot!

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- MagicLegoCarrot



Thank you so much for your support everyone! I am SO suprised I have reached 100 Supporters! For this reason, I will update you on the next section for the mini golf course! In a few days (possibly 2) There will be an update on what I am adding to the mini golf course! Until then, see you at 500 Supporters (Maybe 1000?)

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- MagicLegoCarrot