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Lego Mini Golf!


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I have built a Lego mini golf course. It is able to be transformed into different configurations because each section can be rearranged and is removable. The possibilities are endless. The only limit is your imagination! You can even build your own "extensions" if you want to make the game more challenging! Each section is connected by technic friction pins so that the sections stay together. This build uses 1018 pieces. At first it had only 200 or something like that but I decided that I needed some more sections and that led to me making more than 12 different sections!

Watch this video and find out more about this amazing build!

This entire build includes:
1 starting piece
1 Short straight-a way with sand bunker
1 Tall straight-a way with sand bunker
1 castle section with moat (fall in the moat and you have to go back to the start!)
1 windmill with working mechanism
1 straight-a way with bridge (fall in and go back to start!)
1 Narrow pathway
1 tall straight-a way
1 End piece
2 ramp straight-a ways
2 tall turns
2 Adapters
3 short straight-a ways
4 short turns
8 colourful golf balls
8 putters
140 technic friction pins (so that you can connect each section together!)

I built this because I love golf, especially mini golf. I thought of this idea when I entered a contest and I realized I could expand on my contest entry and I eventually turned it into a product idea. One reason I built this is so that everyone who plays it can have a good time with themselves or with friends and family!

I believe this would make a great Lego set because it is a classic game. I also think that this could be a Lego set because I haven't seen a Lego mini golf set before and that's why I think it would make a great set. I have only seen a few tabletop games from LEGO but nothing like this one.

I think the best part about this build is that people can explore the different possibilities and create courses. My FAVOURITE part about this build is the fact that people can "build on"' their own parts to the course to make the course fun for them and friends!

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