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Reliant Robin Supervan

There must have been one *really* smart minifigure in the car industry back in the 50s that thought this up! Introducing the LEGO Reliant Robin Supervan - a minifigure-scale model of everybody's *favourite* 3-wheeled-car!

This model features lots of SNOT building techniques, used on the underside, wheel rims, headlights, and cabin walls of the Robin. This, along with some curved slope pieces, helped me to accomplish the distinctive Reliant Robin shape. The roof of the Robin can be removed with ease, allowing easy access to the interior of the vehicle, which features two seats for your minifigures, and ample storage space just behind them. (make sure to wrap any fragile objects in bubble wrap before driving) I chose the distinctive blue colour for this model in order for it to appear similar to the Supervan that appears in the Mr Bean TV series, one of my favourite comedies.

I think that the Reliant Robin really captures the essence of what LEGO means to me - you can make something really quite absurd and outlandish, and it can still be a work of art that brings joy and laughter to so many people. (and, when you accidentally drop it or drive it into a wall, it can always be rebuilt into something even better). Ultimately, the absurdity of this vehicle is what makes me like it so much, and why I think it would be a great LEGO set.

*warning - vehicle may unexpectedly flip/roll when cornering

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