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Justice League Dark - Attack on the House of Mystery


Interior close up

a couple of close up shots of the inside of the house:

And one exterior:


Corner close ups

On the other side of the building we have the door



Minifig close up

figures are a draw to any set, doubly so with a licenced proposition and this idea is no different. So I thought I would provide a close up of the six on offer here.

Zatanna comes with wand and hat, paying homage to her magical roots.

John Constatine has no accessories but the trench coat is close enough, of course if Lego were to make this figure the coat would most likely be printed in a similar way to the recent Han Solo.

Madame Xanadu is without accessories but a cloth made skirt part is very much something Lego could produce if it ever got that far

Frankensite is a great looking figure. It could be argued that he is made in 'Big Fig' size, like the Hulk but somehow that would seem wrong. Like John the cloth coat would have to be printed on any final figure but the broadsword is a great accessory

Felix Faust is shown after his transformation here, mostly because I think it looks so much better and really quite evil, perfect really.

Nick Necro is maybe a bit to cheeky looking and a more sullen face might suit him better but as a foil for Constantine and Zatanna he is an essential character to include.