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Madinat Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai

Welcome to Madinat Jumeirah hotel in Dubai! Enjoy the Arabian nights in this five-star resort that has all the amenities one can expect from one of the prime locations in Dubai. The hotel offers excellent service, several locations to lounge, either in the shade on the restaurant deck, or on the rooftop when the sun sets and the dessert heat is more bearable. All meals are served in the international restaurant, or on your luxury room. The architecture of this modern hotel is inspired by the traditional design of dessert towns, with the signature architectural element of the wind tower making for a very recognisable resort. Traditionally, wind towers were used as a form of passive cooling, and were able to benefit from the slightest winds coming from any direction.

The set consists of just under 3000 parts, which puts this set in the rough ballpark of sets such as Mos Eisley Cantina, Boutique Hotel and Haunted House (2020). The set is designed to be modular, with each room being a separate module, as well as the restaurant. The wind towers and roofs can be lifted off for access to the rooms. Since rooms can be stacked, different configurations of the hotel are possible, and you can even combine multiple sets. Buy two sets, and the two 'hotels' join at the back to form corridors. Buy a few hundred, and you can recreate the original sprawling 40 hectares of the original resort spread around the artificial laguna (TLG might like this feature).

The model was designed and rendered in Bricklink, while several structural elements were built in actual bricks to check for strength, stability and fit. The majority of the hotel is built in Tan and several shades of brown, e.g. for the deck and balconies. Additionally, gold and silver was used for some of the decorative elements. This might require the production of some unusual part/color combinations if this model makes it into a set, for example the Technic Steering Arm with 3 Tow Ball. I bet TLG didn't see that one coming ;). Still, quite a few of the ornamental elements were left Tan, including the restaurant roof decoration and the ornaments at the exterior of the rooms, in accordance with the original design, which tries to permeate a dessert feel. Although the design has a monochrome quality to it, it actually includes 31 different colors, not counting the colours on the art works (which include Mondrian and Newman’s Who’s Afraid of Red Yellow and Blue).

I hope that you appreciate the design, and would like to see this made into a set, as I do. You know how you can contribute to that becoming a reality…

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