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Frasier's Apartment


A fresh new banner update!

A new look! Also we're getting closer to 3,000 votes! 



Now including Noel Shempsky and Donny Douglas!

Noel Shemspky

Donny Douglas


Happy New Year!

Thanks everyone for a succesful 6 months so far, I look forward to the New Year! I wish everyone a great 2021!


Merry Christmas!

I wish all my supporters a very Merry Christmas!


Halloween comes to Frasier's Apartment

A little late but, happy Halloween!


Updated Martin's Chair, Martin Crane, & Eddie!

Hey everyone! Here is a little update regarding Martin and his chair & Eddie;

The support has been amazing so far and we even had the offical Frasier page reconize and help promote this project! Nearing the 2,000 mark now, just about 8k more to go and then this can become a reality!

Martin's chair now comes with duct tape;

Martin received his cane and Eddie now has his spots;


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


1,000 Supporters! Frasier's KACL Booth added!

As an update for 1,000 supporters! I've added an extension, Frasier's radio booth at KACL.

Major thank you to everyone who has supported so far! Just 9,000 more untill we reach 10k, I know we can do it.


~~~~Click the "Shiny blue button" to support!~~~~


500 Supporters! Halfway to 1k

500 Supporters!

Thank you everyone who has supported so far! We've reached 500 supporters in a little over 2 weeks! Let's hit 1k in the same!

As for an update, I changed Frasier's hair from his season 1-2 long hair to his season 3-11 short hair.


Update - Picture of Lilith and Freddie

Lilith & Freddie:


100 Supporters!!

Thank you everyone for 100+ supporters on our first day! 

As an update I created 2 more minifigures:

Frasier's Ex-wife: Lilith

Frasier & Lilith's son: Freddie

Here's to 1k! :)

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