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The Goldbergs


This Lego proposal is based on the American Comedy The Goldberg's created by Adam Goldberg about his life about growing up in the 1980's, this set is based on the house where he grows up in the TV series. It features Adam Goldberg, Beverly Goldberg, Erica Goldberg, Barry Goldberg, Murray Goldberg and  Albert 'Pops' Solomon. It features Adam's camera as well as Barry's Basketball and a large Beat box as well as lots of others details.

This set contains around 3000 pieces so it is a big build and contains quite a bit of detail and would be one  of Lego's largest sets which I think would be great as the Lego ideas sets haven't generally been very big so it would make a nice change.

I believe this would be a great Lego set and a great addition to anyone's Lego collection. Please support this project and hope make this set a reality.

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