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Jurassic Park III: The Bird Cage


Though Jurassic Park III is widely considered by fans to be the worst film in the Jurassic Park trilogy, it still contributed many iconic scenes to the franchise. Arguably none are more iconic than the scene where Dr. Grant and company unwittingly stumble into the lair of several nesting Pteranodon on their way down to the coast, where Eric Kirby is abducted by one of the terrifying pterosaurs and almost fed to their offspring when Dr. Grant's colleague Billy Brennan boldly sacrifices himself to save Eric by swooping in with a parasail and gliding him to safety. Jurassic Park III: The Bird Cage includes all the components necessary for a Jurassic Park fan to reenact this heart-stoppingly iconic moment, including:

  • A balcony leading down the canyon to a boat the minifigures can escape on.
  • Two Pteranodon incorporating movie-accurate male and female color schemes. (The male is the black one, and the female is the brown one.)
  • A nest littered with several ravenous baby Pteranodon.
  • Billy Brennan's parasail incorporating a movie-accurate design and color-scheme.

My intention is for this set to feature Billy Brennan and Eric Kirby minifigures, who were the two pivotal characters in this scene.

Thank you for visiting my project's page and please support it if you are a Jurassic Park and LEGO fan! I know I'm not the only one out there!

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