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Dwarf Dogs


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Dogs are cute and lovely creature, especially "Dwarf Dogs"! Dwarf dogs feature iconic short legs, but that is not their disadvantage, on the contrary, its strong and stubby legs let them run fast and also it is why they are adorable!

Here I show five different breeds of dwarf dogs. Each dog models is hand-large size, and is consisted of about 150 pieces. So they are good decorations and memorials to be put on desk or shelf.

Every dog models is detail featured as the real. All their head can be turn toward any directions; therefore, it is easy to present lovely posing. 

I also built five different stages for them, which are grassland, stone path, carpet, marble floor, and sand ground. You can choose one of stages you like for each of them.

More detail description of each dwarf dogs shown as below:

Doxie - Dachshund

A typical dachshund is long-bodied and muscular with short, stubby legs. Its front paws are unusually large and paddle-shaped for extreme digging. It has skin that is loose enough not to tear while tunneling in tight burrows to chase prey. The dachshund has a deep chest that provides increased lung capacity for stamina when hunting prey underground. Its snout is long with an increased nose area that absorbs odors. (Ref:

Corgi - Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgi feature pointed ears and fox-like head. They are low-set, intelligent, strong and sturdy with stamina sufficient to work a day on the farm. They exhibits basic herding instincts, and also were once used to guard children. Welsh Corgis have a strong association with Queen Elizabeth II, who has personally owned more than 30 corgis. (Ref:

Frenchie - French Bulldog

Frenchie is a small breed of domestic dog. Frenchies were the result in the 1800s of a cross between bulldog ancestors imported from England and local ratters in Paris. The French Bulldog is sometimes called "Frog dog" or a "Clown dog". Frog dog is in reference to their wide round face and the unique way they sit with hind legs spread out. Clown dog is because they are known to be fun loving vivacious "clowns of the dog world".  (Ref:

Puggie - Pug

The Pug is a breed of dog with physically distinctive features of a wrinkly, short-muzzled face, and curled tail. The breed has a fine, glossy coat that comes in a variety of colors, most often fawn or black, and a compact square body with well-developed muscles. (Ref:

Basset - Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a short-legged breed of dog of the hound family. The Basset is a scent hound that was originally bred for the purpose of hunting hare. The name Basset is derived from the French word bas, meaning "low", with the attenuating suffix -et, together meaning "rather low". Basset Hounds are usually bicolors or tricolors of standard hound coloration. (Ref:

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