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Interstellar TARS Mutlifonctional Robot


Here you have the ultimate multifonctionnal robot seen in the movie Interstellar. It's name is TARS. Able to pilot spaceships, swim, rescue people, make repares everywhere. It can walk in several ways. Here you can see the 3 modes of walking, first one, standard mode, second one, classic walk mode, and third, running mode!

If you've seen the movie, you probably wanted that robot and thought "it's designed to be in Legos", well, i thought the same, with that project you could easily get yours, to put it on display on your shelves! It's easy to make, and maybe some decals could be added on some of its screens to make it look more like the real one!

To sum up, here's your chance to have it! Hope you like it!



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