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Pick-up Truck


Every city has trucks in it therefore Lego cities need at least one too! I personally like the different functions and capabilities of pick-up trucks so I’ve decide to build one. Some of you may notice that it’s similar to my “truck and log splitter” project and you’re right. In fact, it’s my truck that I’ve updated and modified. Its design is more European and it still has a little “sport truck” side. The things that make my truck different are in the details. For example, I’ve changed the center part of the front grill and I added hooks at the bottom of the bumper. It also has a new windshield and a new frame that is stronger and that looks better on the truck. At the rear of my truck, the rear bumper is now the same color of the body.

It comes with many accessories that we see with trucks like bicycles and a bike rack for them, a trailer to carry different objects, a log splitter, two minifigures (a man and a woman), helmets, flowers and a tree. With all that, children could play with it in different ways and grown-ups can put it in their garage to remember their childhood with this Lego pick-up truck idea.

Thanks for looking to my project and of course, to support it!

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