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Tram 15 from Lisbon

Welcome to the LEGO Lisbon tram 15.

This idea was inspired by the first career of the Lisbon tram network

During my academic life, this was the tram i used to pick up to go to university, the remembrance of those times made me want to reproduce it in lego.

This career serves the riverside área of Lisbon, connecting Algés to Praça da Figueira.
It was the first career of the Lisbon tram network, opened in 1901.
In 1995 it underwent a modernization of its infrastucture and its fleet with the entry into circulation of 
articulated trams

This project include:

- Base line
- Tram stop
- Stop indication
- Bench
- Mupi
- Tram

As it stands, it should have somewhere between 700/900 LEGO elements

I hope you like, thx for the support

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