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The Ocean House


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The boy started home with the map tucked away safely in his satchel. Could it really lead to the Mountain Windmill, and what if it did? He wasn’t about to set off into the valley to find out. He decided to put it out of his mind for now.

It was dusk when the boy's house came into view. 

The house stood on stilts above the water. Blue flowers grew knotted and thick across the roof. The boy’s father had removed the flowers a few years ago but they returned defiant, so he had decided to let them be. The boy liked the way the flowers looked, as did his mother, though they had started to damage the roof.

Their old fishing boat was tied to the jetty and rocking gently on the tide. The boy liked to sit in it occasionally and read, or just watch the fish swim around the legs of the jetty, enjoying the protection it offered from the open water.

The boy's cat meowed and brushed against his leg. The smell of cooking fish wafted over the sand towards him, his stomach grumbled. He bent down and scratched the cat behind the ear before the pair of them headed up the ramp towards the front door. The boy looked forward to the sight of his parents at the table with a nice hot meal.

Hey friends! 

Here is my new LEGO Ideas project: The Ocean House

The build uses 1800 pieces and comes with 3 minifigures:

  • The Village Boy

  • The Father

  • The Mother 

  • (and the cat).

Play features: 

  • Remove the roof and gain full access to the inside of the house!
  • Grab your trusty fishing gear and get fishing!
  • Use the crank to lift heavy loads in and out of the boat!
  • Transfer the crank onto the fishing boat to pull up nets full of delicious fish!
  • Search inside the roof for secrets!
  • Attach the boat to the jetty if the sea’s getting rough!
  • Load the cart with fruit, fish and gear!
  • Prepare a delicious meal; grill some fish, pick some plums, chef's choice!
  • And much more! 

Stay tuned to see more of the story unfold and what mysteries will be revealed! Peace and happy building! 


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