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A.R.M.A.D.I.L.L.O - Futuristic Hovertank


The A.R.M.A.D.I.L.L.O is a heavily armored futuristic hover tank. Not only does it have many awesome features like the rotating engines and droppable bombs, but it also comes with three minifigures. There is plenty of space to place the pilot and the two soldiers all over the model. The dual cannons and rotating top gun provide an effective offense to complement the durable armor surrounding the tank.

The model took me about a week or so to build, and I'm not sure how many pieces make up the build. I didn't really run into any significant problems until I started connecting the side doors of the troop transport area. I wanted to make the doors hinge open but it was proving difficult to accomplish that and yet keep them flush. I finally figured it out though and I am pleased with the final product.

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