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The Fresh Airliner

Hey you ! I’m proud to present you my brand new airplane. It took me 50 hours of working. This is an aircraft made to be a great house decoration. Here are the features of this airliner :
Removable basement to play with the plane
Basement is shaping like a take off runaway
Wheels can be hidden or showed
the wingtips are adjustable
Dimensions of the plane: 51 cm × 50 cm for 500g.
This is a home-made Lego set built with the willingness to propose an elegant plane miniature for people who like modalism. I wanted to maximise my ecofriendly approach to build this plane. All pieces come from old Lego set given from my family or Lego bought in second-hand.
Hope you enjoy the plane ! Share to me your feedback in comment. See you soon for a new lego creation 😉

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